Royal Wedding

There are a lots of things which are needed to make an event look grand and royal. Fort Ramgarh Banquet is the place which has got royalness in its air. Come and stay at the royal property of the Chandel Rajput Emperors. The grand entrance, the perfect themes, decorations, color combinations and all the necessary accessory under one roof. We are looking forward to give you the best wedding experience creating some beautiful memories for you.

Dream Wedding

Wedding is something which should be memorable all your life. Everyone has some dream wedding plans. So if you want to feel the pleasure of having a wedding which can be remembered for life, we offer you the best wedding services as you dream it to be. We understand your concern to the numerous things related to wedding and all get done in the most traditional way following the rituals. We are happy to assist you and provide you ease to enjoy the wedding by leaving all on us. Get your guests accommodated, have the best dine experience, and get the feeling of a king and a queen.

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