Five Reasons To Hire A Corporate Event Planner In Chandigarh

Most of the people believe that their corporate experience is enough to plan and manage any kind of event. However, the events are parties are something which belongs to a completely different profession. This is why it becomes necessary to hire an Event Planner in Chandigarh to get the best and successful outcomes. It is quite frequent to observe that when people try to work on their own to plan the event, they usually end up spending big money. So, here we bring you five amazing reasons to hire a corporate event planner for your next event.

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Cut down expenses: some people believe that hiring an event planner could prove to be expensive but actually when you hire an event planner they can help you cut down the expenses. The event planner companies have a lot of links with the catering, rental companies, and other suppliers which can help you get big discounts.

Saves Time: when you think of hosting a big corporate event, it brings you a lot of responsibilities. This gives you no time to focus on your work routine and even your home. But when you have an informed and experienced event planner with you, they help you save a lot of time with the complete management of event from bookings to the execution.

Marketing assistance: if you want to host an event which needs to be organized to create better awareness of the product or brand, an event planner can be of huge help to you in planning a perfect marketing strategy. Most of them have some great corporate links that can help in getting exposure for your business.

Perfect Advice: the event planners have a lot of experience to manage and host the corporate events. Moreover, they have spent years working in Wedding Halls in Chandigarh to execute an event with grace. This means the event planner could easily help with right advice needed to tackle any sudden eventuality and prevent your plan to become a nightmare.

Better Negotiations: last but not the least, the event planning firms have a lot a valuable links and reputation in the market, this means they could easily negotiate with the vendors and suppliers to provide all the necessary stuff for your event at most reasonable prices.

Overall, hiring an event planner is completely a value for money and if you are planning to host a big bash event for your business, make sure you have a back from our expert event planning. Reach us for best assistance.

Having A Blast With A Pool Party

Ramgarh golf range has always been a great spot for marriages and this is the reason why it is the first name which comes to mind when anyone thinks of royal Marriage Palace in Chandigarh. But it is not just a perfect venue for marriage but a great fun place to have an amazing time with friends and family. Though the trends are changing a little slower people in Chandigarh and adjoining areas of Tricity are looking forward to some unique party ideas and one of them is a pool party. Here we bring you some quick and interesting ideas to have a blast with a pool party.

Guest list: the first and the most important thing which you need to know is to plan your guest list. Party is all about your favorite people, more will be the people the better would be the fun. However, you should try to prepare your guest list by checking on your budget. Once you are sure about the total amount of money that you want to spend on the event, you are all set to send the invitations.

Ramgarh Golf Range

Food: one factor which makes every pool party a success is the delicious and delighting food. So, if you are planning to have a Pool Party in Chandigarh, you must make sure that all your guests could have a plenty of food. You can plan a menu which is perfect for the poolside party where everyone is mad about swimming.

Games: every event can become boring and may lack involvement due to missing factors that can create better engagement. Therefore, you should plan ahead in time to bring some innovative and exciting games during the pool party which could be participated by guests of all the age groups.

Music & Decor: last but not the least, every party seems to be dull without proper music and decor. So make sure you work on improving the entire environment with decoration which complements the theme of the party. You should also have a well-prepared playlist of all the songs which are perfect to make the entire event more fun.

So, if you are convinced with the plan of a unique pool party at a royal destination, feel free to reach us.  

Three Reasons Which Make Ramgarh Golf Range A Perfect Marriage Palace In Chandigarh

The wedding is one of the most memorable parts of your life and everyone wants to live each and every single moment of wedding ceremonies. There are many factors which can define a great wedding event such as entertainment, food, guest involvement etc. but there is a very important aspect of wedding planning that can help you elevate a wedding experience, it is the wedding place. If you are looking for a Royal Wedding In Chandigarh, there is no place better than Ramgarh golf range. Having any doubts? let’s take a drive through three quick reasons which would help you building reliance on Ramgarh golf range for choosing it as your wedding venue.

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Flexibility: the first thing which separates us from the other Banquets In Chandigarh is the flexibility which we have at Ramgarh golf range. We are highly responsive at handling the reception event, multiple ceremonies and guests at the same time with perfect scheduling of all the events. Either you need a big fat Punjabi wedding or some sober and classy wedding arrangement for the lesser number of guests. We are up for anything and everything that is needed to turn an event into a perfect wedding.

Accommodation: the big target which you have with the wedding is generally related to accommodation. When you have so many guests on your list who are coming from far away places, there can be nothing better than a wedding venue which provides accommodation facilities.  This is highly appreciated by your guests and would also be helpful to them in enjoying the event with more ease.

Coordination: most of the wedding venues fail to manage the event due to lack of coordination. But at Ramgarh golf range, you are assisted at all the times related to the planning of event such as decoration, sitting arrangement, catering services, serving counters etc. we have every single thing sorted for your convenience.

At Ramgarh golf range, we know that it is a dream for every bride and groom to have remarkable wedding moments. This is the reason why we all are so dedicated to helping you with royal wedding offering you great convenience, space, facility, and assistance at all the times.

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